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A funny (I promise) insight into the world of being a wife, mom and teacher. Every day when I leave my job as a high school teacher, I think of all of the things my own precious son will never do when he is a teenager. I've decided to write it all down, just to make sure...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Girls Night Out.

Or in. Whatever. The point is, I had a girls' night. Yip! With adults and wine and everything. And funny stories about teaching. FUNNY. Man, you haven't lived until you've been a kindergarten teacher and you have kids who declare "I speak horse." And then kids who are jealous of the horse whisperer and declare "I know what the ants in the ant farm are saying. I speak bug." That's some funny shit right there. Plus, the wine. Not pink, cheap, sweet low-class stuff. Real wine. That gets you a bit drunk. And sleepy. My husband just asked "Whatcha doin?" Nothing. Going to bed. I've hit the backspace key so much my pinky is about to fall off. Id i hadno't, ths post wpould all have olooke liek this and you woeuldn't have been abelt o read it.

Oh yeah. Myh son will never even dream of not being aperfect angel like he was tongiht for mommy's firls night out. Brcause he is so sweet. the sweetest, even. the best babay bot ever. BFF.


Anonymous pf the eldest said...

wow. you ar a sirius dunkie munkie. i condem you and all that shit, becuqus i am sobur.

8:47 PM  

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