my son will never...

A funny (I promise) insight into the world of being a wife, mom and teacher. Every day when I leave my job as a high school teacher, I think of all of the things my own precious son will never do when he is a teenager. I've decided to write it all down, just to make sure...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

8 Days?!

I can't believe it's been 8 days since my last entry. Not that anyone reads. Not that anyone has been sitting on the edge of their seat. Not that my audience has been let down. But it's theraputic for me. I need it right now.

Yes. I'm feeling kind of sorry for myself right now. I've had a shitty week and a half at work, plus Gus had a shitty doctor's appointment in the middle of it all. His doctor basically told me my kid was delayed because he does not do the following: sit up on his own, pull himself in to the standing position, say "Mama" or "Dada", play interactive games with me, eat solid foods, count to ten, recite the pythagorean theory, OR get his bid in in time for the Virginia primaries (which he would have won, hands down). F that. I wouldn't say that I'm a worrier, but now when my kid babbles I find myself thinking it's not good enough; when he's sitting and playing, I find myself wondering why he can't crawl; when I give him a sippy cup I find myself wondering why he doesn't know how it works; when I call his name, I find myself wondering why he doesn't care to respond unless I'm performing a song and dance. Damn doctor. A week ago I thought his babbling was the most precious thing; a week ago I was grateful that I could leave the room for a second without thinking he was crawling toward an accident waiting to happen; a week ago I was impressed at his strength while he used his sippy cup as a sledgehammer; a week ago the highlight of my day was doing backflips while saying his name to get him to look at me. A week ago I knew I still had a week left of work before I would be the sole person responsible for my kid's daily stimulation. I guess that's it. I'm scared that when I have to do this mom thing all day every day for the entire summer, I won't be good enough. I don't even know the pythagorean theory.

My son will never listen to people who only want to point out his flaws and let them FREAK HIM OUT OH MY GOD MY SON IS SLOOOOOOW!

Wow. I feel better already. That last part made me laugh. Seriously. He's frickin' perfect. Always has been. He's just waiting for when mommy is home with him to do all the cool stuff because he knew I wouldn't want to miss it for anything.