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A funny (I promise) insight into the world of being a wife, mom and teacher. Every day when I leave my job as a high school teacher, I think of all of the things my own precious son will never do when he is a teenager. I've decided to write it all down, just to make sure...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

We're going somewhere nice. Like TGIFriday's or Olive Garden.

My little dance team that I coach at my high school had a competition this weekend. They did better than I thought they would, considering they really don't like each other all that much. They are pretty bitchy to each other most of the time and have even been so kind as to post some choice words about myself and the other coach on their very private ("What? I only have 362 buddies. No one even saw it. And you had no right to look at it.") myspace pages. But, even with all of the nonsense I've dealt with this year, they continue to redeem themselves every once in a while. For instance, one of them made a homemade card for me the other night after an especially long week of practice. And when they are hurting they still come to us for comfort, and passes to be late to class.

So this past week my in-laws took Gus for an evening and the next day so he could visit with Santa. I wanted to take advantage of the baby-less evening and go out to dinner without being rushed. After trying to decides where I would like to go, and having John stuck in traffic I settled on a little, cheap, yummy Mexican place near our house. While it is indeed a sit down restaurant, I would barely call it a step up from Chipotle. Actually, I wouldn't call it a step up from Chipotle at all, but I like it. About 3 people at work asked me the next day where I went for my hot date. I was actually a bit embarrassed to tell them. That is the difference between me and the 14 year olds. After the competition was over as the girls were leaving, two of my freshmen were taking extra time and getting ready to go somewhere. I asked them if they had big plans for the night and they very excitedly told me "We're going out for dinner. Somewhere nice. Like TGIFriday's or Olive Garden." I almost fell out of my seat. They explained to me that "At least it's not fast food. You get to sit down and everything."

My son will never refer to TGIFriday's or Olive Garden as somewhere nice (even if I have to give him the extra money for an upgrade on his very first homecoming date and even if his date says she once went to this one nice place after a dance competition and maybe they should go there again).


Anonymous jsdcreative said...

Come back - you've got a great style. :-)

Here thanks to Amalah (yaya, another one...)

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Fleming!

Remember me? Your old dancing exchange student Karin? If you do, and read this, send me an e-mail,

all my love

1:56 PM  
Blogger Meghan said...

Is this Malisa, formerly of Stateroom Drive? This is Meghan C. If you see this, send me an email:
I'd love to hear from you!

6:53 AM  
Blogger Chatabox Girl said...


I know you havnt written in quite a while... But i was reading through the advice smackdown and i thught i would have a lok. You have a great writing style and should keep it up!

P.S. Your son is adorable!!

7:23 PM  

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